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We provide quality staff at an affordable price. Our office in Lahore, Pakistan employs high quality data processing analysts & tech staff for global firms looking to outsource capacity.

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Where We Are?

Our office is conveniently placed near two of Pakistan’s leading universities, University of Management & Technology (UMT) and University of Central Punjab (UCP).

We can employ quality graduates or MBA qualified staff who are highly numerate and skilled in both written and spoken english.

Flexible Agreements

Clients are not asked to commit to long term agreements. Minimum commitment is usually three months, or even less under a trial period.

Contracts can be increased or reduced without lengthy notice periods to fit with clients changing needs. Where contracts are terminated , staff are provided with appropriate severance according to the terms of their contract. These costs are met by us

We Act Fast!

Once terms are agreed, we can hire new staff in place in as little as a week.

What We Provide

Local management and office resources. Staff work from our office, usually alongside other employees, or for clients employing multiple staff, in a dedicated space. 

Our employees are given bonuses, public and personal holidays and other benefits. Local holidays are discussed with each client and staff member at the offer stage to ensure that clients needs are met.

All work requirements such as Contracts, desk space, HR,  and IT hardware are our problem. Licensed basic software is included with any specialist software or IT security requirements are to be provided by Clients. We have IT staff on hand to supervise and advise.

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